It’s an intriguing problem. How does one dramatize a saint for a contemporary audience?

In the case of Mother Cabrini, I was asked by the director of a group associated with the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart to craft a performance for young people, as well as for adults.

Many accounts of Mother Cabrini’s life have been “sanctified,” so it was difficult to write and perform Mother Cabrini’s life that would interest a contemporary audience.

I start the production on the day that Mother Cabrini died, and then I dramatize key  accomplishments through music, dance, and photographs.

Mother Cabrini
Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini, (Mother Cabrini), an Italian Religious Sister, was the first citizen of the United States to be canonized by the Roman Catholic Church (July 7, 1946).
devotion to the Sacred Heart is an inspiration and encouragement.

She founded 67 institutions: in New York, Chicago,  Seattle, New Orleans, Denver, Golden, Colorado, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and in countries throughout South America and Europe.