Saints Alive Dramatic Production

How do you create a dramatic presentation about a saint, mystic, and a church reformer who died in 1582? It has been a creative problem that has vexed me ever since I visited Avila, Spain, in 2002, after completing the Santiago de Compostela pilgrimage.

I solved the problem in a creative manner, drawing upon my experience as a high school debater. I created a debate in which St. Teresa tries to convince the audience, portraying a Spanish village, to accept yet another convent in their midst. Opposing St. Teresa are the mayor of the village and the inquisitor. Siding with St. Teresa is her lifelong friend Dona Guiomar de Ulloa.

So who performs the parts? Members from the audience who have been briefed ahead of time. I strongly believe in audience participation. In fact, the audience votes as to whether to accept St. Teresa’s reformed convent. Through this interactive theatrical experience, you will have a clearer understanding of St. Teresa’s characters and the obstacles she faced.
Click here to see video clip.