Saints Alive Dramatic Productions
The life of St. Thérèse of Lisieux, 1873-1897, and her short spiritual autobiography have inspired people throughout the world. Because St. Thérèse is more contemporary than St. Teresa of Avila, it has been more difficult to create a dramatic format that accurately portrays both St. Thérèse’s genius and her humbleness.
One great boost is that Celine, St. Thérèse’s sister, has left us a rich legacy of photographs documenting Thérèse’s early, as well as, her religious life. But still I had to create a monologue to accompany the photographs that would captivate contemporary audiences.

After a number of performances and exhaustive research, I have developed a presentation that is multi-faceted: St. Thérèse’s comments about the photographs, commentary by Mother Agnes (Thérèse’s eldest sister), and finally a “reader’s theater” on St. Thérèse’s last days through the eyes of Celine. With this presentation, I will need one volunteer to read the part of Celine.
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